Visa® Travel Rewards

Going somewhere? VISA Travel Rewards from Excite; don't leave home without it.

With this first-class ticket, you can go anywhere and see anything

Get rewarded with flights, hotels, and car rentals for every dollar you spend.

The daily schedule calls for a trip to the grocery store and an Amazon order. But tomorrow's schedule might include Hawaii, Holland, or the Himalayas. Excite Credit Union's Visa® Travel Rewards credit card offers exceptional rates and an opportunity to turn everyday purchases into travel services that can take you across the country or the world.


Travel Rewards

One point for every $1 you spend.


No Annual Fee

We’d never charge you a fee to have an Excite credit card.


Digital Wallet

Manage your account anywhere you go.

Excite Visa® Travel Rewards Benefits

Best For
The adventurer and traveler who likes to get rewarded for going places.
Annual Fee
15.15% to 24.49% APR* on purchases 
Bonus Points
Yes - up to 3,000 in the first 60 days
Security Protections
Free Visa® Purchase Alerts
& zero liability if your card is lost or stolen
Extra Benefits
Travel Accident and Auto Rental Insurance

Let’s Get Going Somewhere!


I have banked with this bank since I was a wee lad, about 15 to be exact! They are always very willing to help me with simple things such as a withdrawal or deposit, to something sensitive like getting a new card. They are always very fast and friendly. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have come here, I always left a happy person.

Just the other day, I went to get a new credit card because I had misplaced one, and in minutes, they went about giving me a new one. I don't even have to pay a fee to replace it because I have accumulated points for using my card. Thank You, you guys ROCK!

~ Bruce L.

Questions About Excite’s Visa® Travel Rewards Card?

The cards do not have an annual fee, but there are cash advance and balance transfer fees. 

We give you one point for every $1 of net purchases. Then you redeem your points for flights, hotels, or car rentals. It is that easy! And if you set up your recurring expenses to be charged on your Excite Visa® Travel Rewards Card, you will be traveling for free in no time.

Yes. You certainly can. There is a cash advance fee, 4% of the amount of the advance.

Yes. But you should join us. We’re different from the other banks and credit unions. We’re definitely fun… for a credit union.

You can easily apply online or stop by an Excite financial center to join in person. Then open any accounts you want.

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