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Transfer your high balance credit cards and step up to savings.

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Transfer Your Balance to an Excite Credit Union Credit Card

Save money and transfer your balances from higher interest rate credit cards.

Questions About Excite’s Visa® Cash Rewards Card?

A balance transfer is when you move the balance of one or multiple credit cards or other loans to a new or existing credit card account. It’s a smart way to save money on interest, consolidate payments and pay off credit card debt sooner.

Yes. You certainly can. The cash advance APR is 11.90% to 21.24% and the fee is 4% of the amount of the advance.

If you’re looking to save on interest, lower your monthly payments, or consolidate payments, it’s worth looking into a balance transfer. This may be a helpful move, allowing you to pay off debt more quickly and take control of your finances.

That depends on a few factors. Applying for a new credit card will result in a hard inquiry on your credit report, which can lower your score temporarily. Adding a new card will affect your overall length of credit history, which could also temporarily lower your score. On the other side, a new card with a new line of credit can reduce your overall credit utilization, positively impacting your score.

To do a balance transfer, login in to 

Online banking > Additional Services > Visa Credit Card > Services > Balance Consolidation

  • Enter last 4 of your SSN and zip code then proceeds thru these screens:

**Not available through mobile at this time.  

What You'll Need For Your Balance Transfer:

  • Name and address of the other financial institution (Excite Credit Union Accounts are excuded)
  • Your account number at that financial institution
  • The amount to transfer


0.00% APR*

Pay no interest for the first 12 months.


Cash Rewards

Earn $1 for every $100 you spend - rewards paid monthly.


Digital Wallet

Manage your account anywhere you go.


No Annual Fee

We’d never charge you a fee to have an Excite credit card.

More Excite Visa® Credit Cards

So maybe getting cash back isn’t your first priority, and that’s okay. We’ve got plenty of other ways to give you the benefits you deserve, including a travel rewards card that helps you get out and see the world.

Excite Visa® Cash Rewards Benefits

Best For
The financially savvy individual who wants to get cash rewards for everyday purchases - so basically, free money.
Annual Fee
0% APR* for 12 months &
9.90% to 19.24% APR on purchases thereafter
Credit Limit
Up to $30,000
Security Protections
Free Visa® Purchase Alerts
& zero liability if your card is lost or stolen
Extra Benefits
Travel Accident and Auto Rental Insurance

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I love this Credit Union!!! Best rates, highest payouts for deposits. Nice folks too. I am shifting the entirety of my indebtedness to them because the rates are so good, and I was tired of getting hit with huge interest at the end of every month. 5 stars.

~ Braxton W.

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