Savings Accounts

Save, save, save, and save. It’s always a good thing to save especially with accounts like these.

Savings accounts you can count on

Whether you want to save for a rainy day or your next vacation (or both!), our savings accounts are designed to help you get there. With five accounts to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. Now all you have to do is sit back and watch your money grow.

Go Savings

Go Savings is the best friend account to our Go Checking, but there’s a reason the cool kids hang together. You get a 5.00% APY* new membership bonus (up to $2,500) for the first year, with instant access to all the other beneficial financial services we offer, too. All for a minimum opening deposit of just $5.

Best for: the busy person on the go who just wants their money to do all of the work- and that’s ok. We don’t blame you.

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Additional Savings

Sometimes you need a second vault to store your extra cash. With Excite's Additional Savings Accounts, you can add a little extra zip to your next vacation and the holiday season. Set up automatic payroll deductions and watch your stash effortlessly grow.

Best for: the planner who wants to be ready for that memorable holiday or special event.

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High-Yield Money Market Savings

When you want something more out of your savings account, you need Excite’s High-Yield Money Market Savings Account. Think of it as a pumped-up savings account that's constantly racing ahead, growing your finances faster than usual but still letting you lay your hands on your cash anytime you need it.

Best for: someone who’s willing to keep a higher account balance and wants to be rewarded for it. Go on. You deserve it.

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Youth Savings

Our Youth Savings Account is the older sibling to our Youth Checking Account. Use this account to build up an early safety net and watch it grow, with full access to your funds 24/7 with online and mobile banking. And even better yet, we’ll deposit the first $50 into the account to get you started.

Best for: this feels like a trick question. But here’s the answer- every young person should have a savings account.

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Step-Up Savings

Our Step Up SavingsTM Account is a unique program that helps accelerate savings and make it more likely for young people in our community to access higher education. We’ll open the savings account with an initial deposit and match up to $25 each year in your deposits. Then we’ll add additional money to the account on periodic birthdays.

This account is only available to families affiliated with our Community Relations Partners.

Best for: families excited about seeing their children go to college.

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I opened an account with Luis, and he was very knowledgeable, patient, and respectful. I am very happy with my decision to come here.

~ Tara S.

Not sure which account is best for your needs? We can help.

Contact us and we can run through your needs and the many options we have available.

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