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Visa® Cash Rewards

An incredible option for cashback opportunities, the Visa® Cash Rewards card is an excellent alternative for when your travel points and local discounts just aren’t enough. This credit card option earns money back with every transaction, from the grocery store to the gas station and beyond.

The Visa® Cash Rewards card provides 1% back per transaction or $1 per $100 spent. Throughout your yearly credit card expenditures, this number will quickly grow. Enjoy other cash back benefits in your Visa® Cash Rewards Card such as:

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Visa® Travel Rewards

Unlock the door to adventure with a Visa® Travel Rewards card. This card offers far more than just credit, but a ticket to locations around the globe. Enjoy complimentary benefits on your next adventure, and the low rates you need to make your vacation feel relaxed and unhindered.

The Visa® Travel Rewards card turns the everyday into something truly special with benefits that just keep on giving. Additional features include:

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Visa® Platinum

The clean and simple card with the lowest rates imaginable. Your wallet will step up to better with our Visa® Platinum. 

Pay off your debt. Better your budget. Better your life!

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Visa® Secured

No matter what your current financial situation may be, you’re never out of reach of the credit card that can serve your needs best. Restore, rebuild, or reconstruct your credit score with a Visa Secured® card. 

The Visa® Secured card is an excellent option for when your credit score has dropped within subprime zones. Begin again from a set foundation with a low-risk and high-reward credit option built to maximize your credit scores and history with everyday use. Enjoy additional benefits that include:

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Visa® Business

Your business is a serious business, and the Visa® Business card acts as the perfect partner for any business-related transaction. Earn cash back points, remove unauthorized liabilities, and save big on annual fees with every swipe you make. 

From office supplies to client gifts and everything in between, let the Visa® Business card support your company in the ways that matter most. Additional card features include:

  • 1% cashback points from all net purchases
  • Monthly paid rewards
  • Complimentary insurances (including roadside dispatch and auto rental)
  • Zero annual fees, cash advance fees, and balance transfer fees
  • $30,000 credit limit
  • 24/7 Visa® anti-fraud protection
  • Unauthorized transactions voided if your card is lost or stolen

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Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Determine the length of time it will take to pay off your credit card balance and the interest rates that will affect you most by using our personalized credit card payoff calculator.

Using Credit Cards Financial Education

Why stumble through the weeds when you can walk in confidence? Excite Credit Union is proud to provide comprehensive credit card information that helps borrowers like you learn important money skills.

Check out our helpful partner website for articles, calculators, lifestyle tips, and more.

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