Our leaders are your neighbors. They share your commute. And they share your hardworking values.

Leaders with vision

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At Excite Credit Union, we’re all united by a common mission – to make a difference in our community. As The Community’s Credit Union, our leaders are committed to developing innovative products, services, and programs that meet our Members’ needs and help elevate our underserved communities. Excite leadership is dedicated to bridging the gap between financial stability and the aspirations of our communities by providing essential financial services and actively promoting education and empowerment.

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Excite Credit Union Board of Directors are made up of Volunteer credit union Members who serve a three-year term representing the Membership. The Board helps the credit union develop long-range strategic plans, reviews policies and procedures, oversees operational and financial performance, and ensures products and services meet the needs of the Membership.  Each Board Member is elected through a Democratic Vote which takes place during either the Annual Meeting or when a Board seat is vacated. 

  • Barbara Alumbaugh, Director
  • Chris Ekren, Director
  • Ralph Finelli, Secretary
  • Mark Hanson, Director
  • Alan Raby, Director
  • Alan Hansen, Vice Chairperson
  • Donna Rhody, Chairperson
  • Surya Turaga, Treasurer

The Supervisory Committee looks out for all Excite Credit Union members. Acting independently of the Board of Directors and credit union management, the Supervisory Committee conducts reviews, annual audits, investigations and evaluations as necessary. Committee members are elected through a democratic vote by the membership and serve terms of three years.

  • Deepja Bansal, Member
  • Laura Golding, Member
  • Devin McAlpine, Chairperson
  • Mike Uhri, Member
  • Kim Campbell, Member

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These are the folks who manage the day-to-day and are dedicated to your financial success.

  • Brian Dorcy, President/CEO
  • Deborah Sunderman, Executive Vice President
  • Alexis Hoang, Vice President, Technology Solutions
  • Hector Espinoza, Vice President, Risk Management
  • Jackie Howard, Vice President, Lending
  • John Hogan, Vice President, Community Relations & Outreach
  • Kelly Burke, Vice President, Operations
  • Richard Walter, Senior Vice President, Retail Experience
  • Tim Furlong, Vice President, Finance

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Getting a membership with us isn't a transaction - it's a friendship, a partnership, a neighborhood-wide collab, a life-long pursuit of better, for you, me, us, them, and everyone else we hang out with in life.