Visa® Business Credit Card

This card is big business for businesses of any size. 


A card for the gig at heart

Whether it's dinner with clients, supplies or a vendor service, our Visa® Business card offers 1% back on just about every purchase. That means every time you spend $100, you get a buck back - over the course of a year, that savings can add up.


Cash Back

$1 back for every $100 you spend

Annual Rewards

Annual Rewards

Get your rewards every January

Generous Credit Limit

Generous Credit Limit

Limits up to $30,000

More biz perks for the biz pro

The Excite VISA Business card is suited to help your company’s bottom line – from cash back, to no annual, cash advance, or balance transfer fees – it’s ready to put in overtime! Plus, your card is safe and secure – you won’t be liable for fraud if your card is lost or stolen.


Every single person that I have met at this location is incredible! They are always very willing to help me with simple things such as a withdrawl or deposit, to something sensitive like getting a new card. They are always very fast and friendly at this location.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I have come here, I actually always left a happy person. Just the other day, I went to get a new credit card because I had misplaced one, and in minutes, they went about giving me a new one. I don't even have to pay a fee to have it replaced because I have accumulated points for using my card. The system they have here works, and isn't very complicated.

Overall; I am very proud to call this bank my bank.”

~ Bruce L.

Questions About Excite’s Visa® Business Card?

No. There are never annual fees for our Visa® Business Card. We wouldn’t charge you to have an Excite CU credit card because we know businesses like yours have better things to do with your cash.  You will, however, be charged a Foriegn Transaction Fee if you use your card outside of the country.

With approved credit, this card has a limit of up to $30,000.

Yes. You certainly can. 

Yes. We offer an entire suite of products and services just for businesses, including checking and savings accounts. Excite CU also provides support for merchant services, including incorporating as an LLC or corporation, help with point of sales (POS) systems, obtaining an EIN or tax ID, and more!

You can easily apply online or stop by an Excite financial center to join in person. Then open any account you want.

Financial institutions and card issuers look at applicants’ credit reports when evaluating applications, since most small business cards require business owners to personally guarantee the debt.

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