Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Use the equity in your home any way you like. Do upgrades, pay for college, or consolidate debt. The choice is always yours with a HELOC.

Benefits of a HELOC from Excite CU

It’s instant cash- available whenever and as often as you need it.

Quick Access to Funds

Quick Access to Funds

Write a check, transfer, or take out money. It’s quick and convenient.

Quick Access to Funds

Revolving Line of Credit

Available whenever you need it. Use it or not. The choice is yours.

Quick Access to Funds

Affordable Monthly Payments

Low monthly payments that won’t break your budget.

Excite CU’s Great HELOC Rates

All rates effective as of 02/22/2024
Description APR Application Fee Closing Costs
Loan to Value (LTV) varies As low as 9.25% APR* None Yes

Your HELOC is Just 3 Quick Steps Away



Apply Online
Quick and easy online loan application.


Sign Your Loan
Agree to the rate and terms.


Access Your Funds
Write a check, transfer, or withdraw money. It’s that easy.


I love this Credit Union!!! Best rates, highest payouts for deposits. Nice folks too. I am shifting the entirety of my indebtedness to them because the rates are so good, and I was tired of getting hit with huge interest at the end of every month. 5 stars.

~ Braxton W.

Home Equity Loan FAQs

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is like a second mortgage on your house in exchange for cash. The amount of money you can get is based on the equity you have in your home.

With a HELOC, you get a credit line that works sort of like a credit card - it stays open and available during the draw period. You can borrow or take money out as you need it. When you make payments and repay part of the loan, the available credit is replenished.

When you apply for a HELOC, we look at how much equity you have in your home compared to what you still owe on your mortgage loan. That’s your loan to value ratio or your LTV.

From there, we review your credit history, income, and other personal factors to determine if the loan is a good fit. If it is, we usually let applicants borrow up to 80% of their available equity.

Anything. Seriously! HELOCs are great because you can use them for anything. Want to pay off student loans? You can use a HELOC for that. Want to start a food truck business? A HELOC is perfect for that too. What about braces? Your wedding? Or an epic graduation trip backpacking Europe? Yes, yes, and yes!

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