Digital Wallet

Turn the checkout line into the express lane

Speedier payments are one easy download away

Life holds many great pleasures. Standing in line waiting to pay for the week's groceries, a couple new hoodies or a ticket to the movies isn't one of them. One way to shorten the experience is to pay for your purchase with an Excite Credit Union Digital Wallets app on your smartphone. Just tap or swipe the phone against the store's electronic checkout station and you'll soon be on your way to more productive pursuits.

  • Works with Apple, Samsung and Android phones and devices
  • Download your free mobile app from Google Play or Apple's App store
  • Mobile wallets are now accepted at tens of thousands of retailers nationwide
  • The app connects directly to your Excite CU debit card
  • No more fumbling around for your checkbook or punching in the PIN of your credit card
  • Purchase price is automatically deducted from your Excite CU checking account
  • Security safeguards prevent retailers from gaining access to your financial data

Digital Payment Options

Excite Credit Union is a full-service credit union with locations in San Jose, CA, and Wilmington, NC.

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