Courtesy Coverage

When you're low on cash, we've got your back

Overdraft protection serves as a safety net

In our busy world, it's easy to lose track of things. Like your car keys. Or your next dental appointment. Or exactly how much is in your checking account. At Excite Credit Union, we understand that anyone can accidentally spend more than they have on hand. We don't want anyone to be embarrassed by a bounced check or declined debit card. Our Courtesy Coverage makes sure your transactions go through even when there's not enough cash in your checking account. 

  • Courtesy Coverage enrollment is free
  • There’s no charge if you don’t use the service
  • If you do overdraw your account, the charge is just $29 per overdraft
  • Other overdraft protection options are available. You may  link your checking account to an Excite CU savings account, Money Market or line of credit.
  • Activate Courtesy Coverage by clicking the Opt In button above.

For questions about any of our overdraft options, call us at 800.232.8669.


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