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Get a Membership Bonus of 5.00% APY*

In general, a savings account is a really good idea. It's a place to stash cash you can use when life tosses a big challenge your way or provides a chance to do something special. But an Excite Credit Union Go Savings account is an even better idea.

Not only do we power your savings journey with a 5.00% APY* new membership bonus (up to $2,500) for the first year, but you get instant access to all the other really helpful financial services we offer, too.

Go Savings works so you don’t have to

Go Savings is the perfect companion to our Go Checking. Crush those saving goals with access to a ton of great benefits, products, and services!



Open your Go Savings account with a minimum opening deposit of just $5.



Start earning dividends with a balance in the account of $0.01 and above.

Free Cards

Free Cards

Your Go Savings account comes with an ATM Card.



Enjoy free and unlimited use of more than 30,000 ATMs.



We offer free Online Banking and online Bill Payer so you can manage your account from wherever you are.





Use free Mobile Deposit to conveniently deposit checks.


Excite (formerly Alliance Federal Credit Union) has a very welcoming/friendly staff always there to help make sure your transactions go smoothly & they will help you with options on how to maximize your money just ask.

~ Teresa B.

Not sure which account is best for your needs? We can help.

Contact us and we can run through your needs and the many options we have available.

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In addition to our Go Savings, our high yield savings account, Excite members also have access to money market accounts, additional savings accounts, and youth savings opportunities.

Learn more here.

You can! You can set up the transfer online, via fax, or in person at one of our branches.

Government regulations allow only 6 electronic transfers, withdrawals, and checks from savings accounts per month.

If you go over 6, your signature will be required.

In addition to automatic transfers and making deposits via our mobile app, you can also make deposits at our cooperating ATMs.

Make your deposit on business days before 3pm, and you’ll have immediate access to the first $500 of the amount you deposited.

When you activate cash-back offers with our Online Banking service, you’ll enjoy cash back into your account every month when you make purchases with your debit card.

You don’t have to sign up for anything, you’re automatically enrolled! Find out more here.

While there’s no monthly maintenance fee or required minimum balance for your account, you will need to keep a minimum of $100 in it if you want to earn those high rates!

Whether your savings are your emergency fund or simply a way to grow your money, we know you value your hard-earned money. Excite takes this responsibility seriously.

Your accounts are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Unlike a commercial bank that offers dividends on savings as well, credit unions are nonprofits that are owned by their members.

That means that we can offer higher dividends to our members, as well as lower interest rates on loans and credit cards. That means we don’t charge as much for borrowing with us (interest), and we can pay you more for trusting us with your money (dividends,) because we don’t have to share profits with shareholders, just members.

We offer a range of business products and services, including savings accounts.

In addition to savings, we offer business checking, and business services, including support for:

  • Point of Sale (POS) purchases
  • Mobile processing
  • E-checks
  • Building brand equity
  • Growing revenue
  • Increasing market share
  • Streamlining procedures
  • Incorporating as an LLC or corporation
  • Official registration of your business name
  • Obtaining an EIN Tax ID
  • HR and payroll

Find out more about our business services here.

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