Auto Protection

It’s more than a protection policy; it’s a loyal friend when your car needs one the most.

Think of it as another safety feature for your car

Protection programs save money when things go wrong

Transmissions seize up and suspensions give out. Someone rear-ends you on the off-ramp or plows into you on the parkway.  And grand theft auto doesn't just happen in video games. Careful as you might be, bad things happen to nice vehicles. At Excite Credit Union, we offer protection programs that limit the financial damage and help get you and your four-wheeled friend back on the road.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

  • Affordable coverage that kicks in if your car is stolen or damaged beyond repair.
  • When this happens, your primary insurance will usually pay only the current market value of your vehicle, less your deductible.
  • GAP covers the difference between what your insurance company pays and what you owe on your auto loan.

Mechanical Repair Coverage, Powered by ForeverCar

Life gets disrupted when your car breaks down. At best, it's an inconvenience that keeps you from what you want to be doing. At worst, you might have to drain your savings or even lose your car. That’s why we're offering mechanical repair coverage, powered by ForeverCar, for our members at a special member rate. Plus, you can complete the entire process from getting a quote to paying with a credit card through ForeverCar.

Minimize the disruption of car repairs and get back to what really matters with ForeverCar mechanical repair coverage. Get a quote or call ForeverCar at 866.497.2501.

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