Our Culture

Refined? Esteemed? Smug? Perish the thought! We get down and dirty, play hard, and have a blast while doing it.

Everything is designed with our members in mind

We're dedicated to making an impact in people's lives

Relationships and respect. Compassion and enthusiasm. Dedication and diversity.

At Excite Credit Union, these aren't just buzzwords on a mission statement stuffed in some forgotten desk drawer. They're values we take very seriously. They shape our everyday efforts. They're the source of inspiration and big ideas that help make us better over the long haul.

So how does this play out in the real world? Please keep reading.

We build relationships. Credit unions were founded on the philosophy of "people helping people." That was a good idea a century ago, and an even better one in today's increasingly impersonal world. We don't focus on making profits. We focus on building positive relationships - with colleagues in the workplace, with our members and with the communities we serve.

We're difference makers. Sure, we provide banking services you can find a lot of places. But that's not our be-all end-all. We come to work each day determined to be a positive force – to help our branches run better, to help our members get full value from their money and our services, and to help our neighborhoods grow stronger.

We're member-focused. Your health is important. So is your family's well-being. But beyond those, your financial security is pretty high on your priority list. We get that. Every time you visit us, call us or interact with us online, you deserve exceptional service that earns your trust and confidence.

We're constantly learning. The world keeps changing. Same for technology and trends in our industry. Change presents  challenges - but also brings opportunity. Our team members receive ongoing training so they can develop new skills and learn more about their jobs and our industry. We're also committed to keeping up with what is happening in our backyard and far beyond, so we can evolve, innovate and provide the type of financial services that modern times demand.

We embrace diversity. America is made up of an inspiring mix of people. Individuals come from any number of ethnic groups, embrace different lifestyles and succeed with a wide range of abilities. That describes our membership. And so, we believe, it should describe our workforce. Our hiring approach has resulted in a highly skilled team whose members offer a diversity of ideas and viewpoints. That adds tremendous value for our members and makes this an even more enjoyable place to work.


Step up to Membership

Getting a membership with us isn't a transaction - it's a friendship, a partnership, a neighborhood-wide collab, a life-long pursuit of better, for you, me, us, them, and everyone else we hang out with in life.