In the Community

We step up for the things we love; our neighborhood, our partners, and our members.

Giving back to the community

Excite is more than just financial institutions. We're not-for-profit, member-owned cooperatives focusing heavily on supporting the communities in which we operate. Excite steps us in every way and doing good is at the core of what we do. Actually it's the numero uno core objective of the credit union. We partner with local non-profits, cooperatives and schools so our communities continue to thrive.


Our Charitable Giving Partners

Together with various organizations we’re working to make our communities grow stronger

Financial Outreach

Financial education is a key aspect of our core values, and we’ve made it a priority to create tangible initiatives that help put our members and the community to build wealth no matter their zip code.

Helping the Underserved 

We offer affordable financial services and unique products designed to improve the economic mobility and well-being of all our members.

Join our community

Getting a membership with us isn't a transaction - it's a friendship, a partnership, a neighborhood-wide collab, a life-long pursuit of better, for you, me, us, them, and everyone else we hang out with in life.